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Oklahoma HRW Wheat Crop

Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association estimated Oklahoma HRW production at 54.3 million bushel using an average yield of 24.65 bpa. This compared to our estimate of 62.0 million bushel. The current estimate suggests harvested acres at 48%, the lowest in history and compares to the average of 56%.

Higher rail and barge freight limit wheat sales as winter wheat harvest progresses.

Weakness of the USD is offset with higher rail freight rates, increased elevation margins, and widening ocean freight spreads.  US wheat is a long way from competitive today.  Hard red winter wheat growers have sold +50%-65% of their harvest. Shippers/ware-housemen have hard red winter tucked away, despite improved row crop conditions which was supposed to…

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August 1, 2018

Cash markets today are just a repeat of recent days; growers are selling on the rally and there is no export or domestic demand for the nearby. Exporters, resellers and domestic mills are supporting the deferred cash markets, but everyone is plugged for August. There is not bid for August HRW trains at the gulf…

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July 10, 2018

Resellers/mills are saying it is easier to buy wheat from shippers this week & cash markets are starting to see a few more offers in the winter wheat markets. A few shippers are starting to think about making space as they finish harvest. This isn’t a lot of wheat, but since there isn’t a lot…

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The latest U.S. Drought Monitor indicated 33% of winter wheat production and 27% of spring wheat production is in an area impacted by drought. Source:

May 23, 2018

It’s rare to have the cash market and the futures market so strong, when in fact there is no demand. This is acting like a demand pull market, when it is all about supply. The US is rationing demand faster than it may be losing supply. Today’s headlines were: India increases the wheat import tariff…

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