Cash Wheat Report

The Cash Wheat Report, is a daily analysis of the U.S. domestic and export wheat markets. The report focuses on the relationship and function of cash premiums, futures spreads, and flat price which impact both the U.S. and global wheat trade. Offering comprehensive analysis on global wheat supply and demand for all major wheat exporters and how this influences the U.S. wheat market.  The Cash Wheat Report also includes market news, weather, balance sheet analysis, and the Cash Values Report.  The Cash Values Report, includes U.S. basis and flat price values, cash carrying charges, rail and barge freight, world wheat FOB comparisons, C&F matrix, spread analysis, and delivery value economics.


“We have been subscribing to the Cash Wheat Report at Interflour for many years now and have always found it an insightful and indispensable resource. Al and the team’s fundamentally driven views on US and world wheat markets provide us with lots of information and opinions which help us to make our buying and pricing decisions. Keep up the good work!” -Interflour Procurement Team

“I find the Cash Wheat Report a very useful tool in our daily cash wheat trading . It is especially helpful in defining values and covering cash activity in the USA.” -Canadian Export Wheat Trader

“I have been reading the Cash Wheat Report daily for nearly a decade, and I would say that not only has it been by far the best report in the wheat industry over these last 10 years, but that Al, and his team are constantly improving the report and it is still getting better each year. The key to the value of the Cash Wheat Report is Al’s decades of experience trading and analyzing the US and global wheat markets from multiples roles and perspectives both in the domestic US markets and in the global wheat markets over the course of his career. Al is an expert in the key relationships and functions of cash premiums, spreads, and ultimately flat price to serve as the regulators of supply and demand in the cash wheat markets. He augments this in-depth cash market knowledge with a deep understanding of the individual wheat supply/demand balance sheets in the US and globally to determine the function of cash wheat markets. All this is found within the pages of the Cash Wheat Report on a nightly basis to provide myriad value to the subscriber.” –Matt Murphy

“The daily wire by Al is a relief from the often erroneous and sometimes rumor filled news we see from other providers. The wire provides a very accurate picture of the cash wheat markets along with some very sound fundamental research. This is a service our industry has been missing for years.” –Neal Driscoll

“Al’s daily wire is the best available in our industry for those of us who deal in futures markets from a commercially oriented viewpoint. The summary of cash markets in his wire has no equal anywhere. Because of his background in the cash trade, his experience on major hedging desks and his current orientation as a professional trader, he is able to tie together futures markets with cash markets in a rare and invaluable perspective. If you are an active wheat merchandiser, user or trader, this wire is an essential tool.” –Dan Brophy